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How to Choose an Air Cleaner

Look no further for your Chicagoland heating & cooling needs. We service and install HVAC throughout all of Chicagoland and Suburbs with office locations in Chicago and St. Charles. We are a family owned business serving homeowners for over 30 years, providing quick, reliable and honest service. Don’t let this home investment overwhelm you, this information will help guide you in making the right decision for your home cooling needs.

Air cleaners are an accessory installed when furnaces are installed. Air cleaners clean air at 4 different levels. The levels are based on percentage of airborne particles you want to remove from the air in your home. Here are some examples of filters to choose from.

Filter Types

  1. 1” Throw away filter is the most common and will remove 15% of all airborne particles. This filter needs replaced every 30-60 to prevent slow air flow which overheats furnace or AC system and uses more energy.
  2. 4” Heat and Cool Media Filter will remove 40% of all airborne particles. This replaces 1” throw away filter, and needs replaced once to twice a year depending on environment. Reasonably priced, easy to change, it can’t break because it’s not electronic and will not drag down air flow either. Air Cleaner cost is $350 to $450 (if done at same time as furnace installation). Filter cost is $40.
  3. Electronic Filters will remove approximately 80% to 99% of airborne particles. This is a permanent electronic filter, and does not need replacement. The filter breaks down particles as small as smoke. Electronic filters are very good for homes with respiratory or allergy issues. Electronic Air Cleaner cost is $900 to $1800 (if done at same time as furnace installation).
  4. UV Light is a finishing air cleaner used with electronic filters; typically, it catches the last few percentages of particles and helps prevent mold build up on evaporator coil. UV Light helps prevent the “wet sock” smell in a duct system for a cleaner fresher indoor air system. Cost $400-$800 (if installed at same time as furnace installation).