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The 5 Best Ways to Handle and Prevent Indoor Air Pollution

indoor air quality

Most people understand that smog and pollution in outdoor air is hazardous to health.

Pollen, mold, tobacco smoke, cleaners, pesticides and vapors from materials used in furnishings and construction can cause indoor pollution, which can also lead to health problems.

You can take active steps to minimize the effects from indoor air pollutants by following these five tips:

1 – Vacuum Frequently

Using your vacuum cleaner frequently removes allergens and mold spores that are carried into the home.

Fit your vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove dust, dirt, pollen and a number of other toxins that are commonly found on upholstery and carpeting. Vacuum two or three times each week and wash the HEPA filter regularly for best results.

2 – Mop Floors Regularly

Mopping floors helps to remove residual contaminants from your home’s interior. You do not have to use strong chemical cleaners; plain water is sufficient. Microfiber mops do the best job of picking up minute particles that traditional mops miss.

3 – Use Mats at Doorways

Placing mats at your home’s entrances can help to catch the dirt, dust and pollen that are carried in on shoes on a regular basis.

A mat can help to keep these materials from being spread through the house. Make sure the mat is large enough to catch contaminants without having to vigorously scrape shoe bottoms.

4 – Opt For Natural Fibers for Home Furnishings

Synthetic materials can exude vapors that can affect the health of sensitive individuals. Opt for natural materials whenever possible, such as wool, silk, cotton and sisal to reduce the number of contaminating substances in your home.

5 – Grow Indoor Plantss

Indoor plants can add oxygen and help to filter toxins out of your home’s indoor air.

Bamboo plant, Chamaedorea sefritzii, has green feathery leaves and can grow to 15 feet high. It makes an impressive addition to your home’s interior while helping to keep air clean.

Draecena comes in a number of varieties. It is a houseplant that is found in many homes because it is easy to grow, and its green blade-like leaves provide help to clean the air.

indoor air quality

Philodendron varieties are other easy plants to grow that can help to keep your home’s interior cleaner. The plant comes in a variety of leaf shapes to add natural beauty and healthier air to your home.

Golden Pothos, Epipirenum aureum, has heart-shaped leaves that provide lush greenery with easy care. This plant tolerates low light and low humidity.

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