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Look in the Past About Your HVAC Unit

The History of the HVAC Unit

The HVAC unit is an essential part of the household. It not only helps cool the area and establish a comfortable environment, but it is also responsible for filtering indoor air, improving its quality.

The earliest patents for air conditioning units were not at all like the systems that so many people use today.

After many mechanical adjustments and innovations over the years, the first experiments with electromechanical cooling were performed in the early 1900s.

It was at this point that air conditioning units began to transform into the common household systems that are present in almost every property all over the country.

Electrical Air Conditioning Beginnings

Modern electrical air conditioning first got its start in 1902. This type of air conditioning system was created by Willis Carrier. It was developed after his graduation from university, when he began testing the limits of air conditioning to try to make an efficient system.

After extensive research and developments, he built the first air conditioner, which was able to function as intended, though with limited options by today’s standards. The Carrier name has since continued to innovate the modern field of HVAC units even to the present day.

Later Developments

The initial invention was designed to improve temperature control. It allowed users to set the room’s temperature and its humidity level.

This air conditioning system was based on the principle of sending air through cold coils, where as the air cooled, it also allowed the system to control the humidity of the room.

Each following improvement limited the bugs in the technology and increased the scope of the cooling. With enough experimentation, the technology was applied to the workplace, and Carrier Air Conditioning started to become more in demand for how efficiently it was able to cool an inside space.

Private Home Air Conditioning

This initial invention was not sized appropriately for personal home use just yet. Because of how new the technology was at the time, there were still many innovations that needed to be made in order to guarantee that the air conditioning unit could be applied to private homes.

After a little bit of experimentation and optimization, the first private home to install air conditioning was built in 1933.

David St. Pierre Dubose realized that because of how efficient the system’s principles were, many homes would want to have such a system installed.

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He immediately set to work, designing a series of vents and ducts in his own home that would pave the way for future central air conditioning systems.

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