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Broken HVAC Unit? Here’s the Reasons Why

Major Causes Of Broken HVAC Units

Your air conditioner has a lot of small parts and works hard to keep your Chicago home cool and comfortable.

While the best way to determine what is going on with your A/C is to have a skilled technician take a look, learning more about the most common causes of trouble will help you understand what’s going on.

Top 5 Causes of a Broken HVAC Unit

AC replacement and repair Chicago IL

Old Age

You may have a system that’s just getting old. For example, if you have an old air conditioning system and it’s costing you hundreds in electricity to get it to barely cool your Chicago home, you probably have a broken unit.

It’s expensive to have to deal with replacing it, but when you compare it to how much electricity costs could be, it’s worth it.

Recent Storms

Bad weather can cause your HVAC unit not to work right. It may have just been flooded somehow, or something like a tree limb could have flown into the unit. Get a professional to check your system out after a particularly bad storm.

Simple Maintenance Needed

A lot of the time it’s just something silly that can be fixed fast. Perhaps there’s a filter that needs to be replaced. Maybe something came unplugged somewhere. You’ll never really know how to deal with this until you find someone to inspect things for you!

In Desperate Need of an Upgrade

Did you not use a unit for a long time? Did you buy a home that was really old and the unit didn’t ever work that great? You need to always upgrade what you have in your home after time.

Otherwise, things will eventually break down and cause you quite a bit of problems. Not to mention, older electric based system may not be good to keep around for risk of fire.

Oops, I Tried to Fix it Myself

A lot of people cause their own damage that needs to be fixed. Those that are wanting to just try may end up making the problem worse. Know that it takes training to work on this kind of a system.

You’ll be best off working carefully with a pro than you would be thinking you can poke and prod around without it doing damage to the systems.

With the help of TDH Mechanical, Inc., we can take care of your Chicago, IL HVAC unit. Just call (773) 342-4338 today, so you can feel at ease in your home.


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