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Be Sure to Have Your Chicago Home Winter Ready

Energy Efficient Features of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are devices that provide hot or cold air to your Chicago home. They run on electricity and in many cases can replace the need for your air conditioning unit or furnace. Here are 3 energy efficient features of a heat pump.

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Heat Pumps Use Electricity

Because heat pumps use electricity, they can heat your Chicago home in a more efficient way than gas furnaces can. Think of it like electric cars: electric cars don’t use gas, and therefore they are more efficient.

Heat pumps work the same way. Because they run on electricity they will end up running cheaper than gas.

This could easily lower the energy cost in you home by removing the need for air conditioning or heating in many situations. And it makes them better for the environment! Using less energy is a win-win.

They Don’t Actually Heat Anything

Heat pumps work differently a lot differently than a normal heater or air conditioning unit. Instead of creating warm or cold air, heat pumps move cold air to warm places to make them cooler, and vice versa.

Heat pumps work a lot like your refrigerator in this way. By moving the air from a warm place to a cool place, you don’t have to pay to heat up a home.

This works especially well in houses that are in moderate climates and don’t require too much temperature change. Only heating or cooling one room at a time can save a lot of money!

Heat pumps don’t even need to take warm or cold air from inside your house. The pumps can draw air from outside to change you indoor temperature, and sometimes they can even draw heat from geothermal sources.

Heat Pumps Can Heat Your Water

While it may not remove the need for you water heater entirely, many high efficiency heat pumps can take excess heat and warm up your water with it.

Not only does this reduce the energy needed to heat up more water in your hot water heater, but it will lower your energy bill entirely. You can save money on heating for your home and your water with one heat pump!

Get your Chicago, IL home ready by installing a heat pump. Just call TDH Mechanical, Inc. at (773) 342-4338 today, and get ready for the winter season.


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