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Smart Features of a Thermostat

3 Features of Smart Thermostat

When it comes to a Chicago home automation, smart thermostats have changed the way people view their HVAC systems.

Rather than having an old-fashioned system that could not be accessed unless the person was standing in front of the thermostat, today’s thermostats allow homeowners to access their heating and cooling systems from anywhere in the world.

As a result, the thermostats contain many features and benefits that have made them very popular choices for people everywhere.

Access Control

Smart thermostats can be programmed so that only certain people have access to the system, making sure conditions in the home stay a certain way.

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This has proven to be very popular for families, allowing parents to make sure their children don’t access the system and run up unnecessarily high energy bills unbeknownst to their parents.

It also guards against potential hacking into the Chicago home’s system, ensuring a high level of security is always maintained for the home’s HVAC system.

Email Alerts

Whether a person is only a block away at the grocery store or thousands of miles away on a business trip or vacation, they can still receive email and text alerts from their smart thermostat.

These messages can range from routine maintenance reminders to alerts if the system malfunctions, giving homeowners the opportunity to call for help if needed.

These alerts have been shown to produce viable results, having been credited with alerting homeowners to potentially dangerous situations and allowing them to intervene before a crisis occurred.

App Connection

As smartphones have become standard fare for many people, having a smart thermostat that can connect directly to an app has been seen as a must-have.

By simply logging in on their smartphone, homeowners can check on the status of their system, adjust temperature settings, schedule maintenance appointments with service technicians, and much more.

Most smart thermostats today are compatible with multiple apps, which gives homeowners tremendous flexibility when selecting both their HVAC systems and the apps they will use with them.

As home automation has continued to make great strides over the past decade, smart thermostats have become the popular choice in most homes.

By giving people more control over how their homes are maintained on a minute-by-minute basis, smart thermostats have also created tremendous peace of mind for people while at work, school, or vacation.

As these systems become more advanced, the possibilities for the features they may possess are endless.

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