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Geothermal Heating Benefits

Geothermal heat uses the earth as a natural energy source for indoor heating and cooling systems. Geothermal and heating as well as cooling systems save energy by relying on the natural properties of the earth.

The renewable nature of geothermal energy appeals to everyone who wants to simultaneously save money and the environment.

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Geothermal Operation

During the summer, the compressed refrigerant in geothermal heat pumps absorbs heat from your Chicago home and dissipates it deep underground.

When the refrigerant cools, it gets recompressed with unwanted heat and then again cools underground.

During the winter, geothermal heat pumps work the same way, but in reverse. Cool refrigerant circulates below the earth’s surface until warm.

When compressed, the coolant becomes warm enough to heat your home. When cool, the system sends the refrigerant back underground to pick up more heat.

Geothermal Components

Geothermal heat pumps require a deep hole to accommodate the copper tubing used to circulate refrigerant used to heat or cool your home. Another part of the heat pump system, the air handler, manages the exchange of heat between the air inside your home and the refrigerant.

The components of geothermal systems require electricity to run, but they do not use energy to produce heat. Instead, they use natural heat found deep in the earth’s surface and in your Chicago home to provide a favorable year-round indoor climate.

Geothermal Investment

When you choose to buy a geothermal unit for heating and cooling, you make a decision that will reduce your energy costs while improving the climate in your home.

The underground components of a geothermal system can last fifty years or longer while the above-ground part of the system can last fifteen years or longer.

Geothermal systems usually quickly pay for themselves, because they deliver as much as four times the energy they consume. In a sense, geothermal systems pay you for the heating and cooling services they provide.

Traditional equipment cannot operate with the same efficiency, as geothermal units, giving homeowners a handsome incentive to switch to geothermal heat.

Call us to learn how geothermal energy can help your family stay warm during the winter. Our technicians can evaluate your home and provide you with estimates for the cost of installation and the savings you will enjoy.

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