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Inspect Your Home for Better Insulation

3 Home Insulation Tips

A home with high R value insulation decreases energy bills during the winter and summer. The value of insulation materials is crucial to avoid hazardous fires and expensive electricity prices.

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When there are cracks in windows and doors or insufficient insulation, warm and cool air will seepage.

Property owners are able to protect their investments by inspecting homes for air seepage and proper insulation.

The areas of older and newer model houses that need high value insulation are the crawlspaces, basements, attics, floors, and walls.

There are different types of materials home builders and HVAC companies use to insulate various areas of houses, including loose fill, foam and batts.

Property owners, who are uncertain of the insulation type and its efficiency, rely on the expertise of a licensed HVAC professional. If the insulation is improperly installed near light fixtures, it can cause a fire hazard.

There are three basic home insulation tips property owners can save money and secure houses during the winter and summer;

1. Inspect Your Home

Determine what type of insulation is used and problem seepage areas. Homes that are older normally have loose filled cellulose insulation and require additional insulation.

Older Chicago homes should also be inspected for air seepage of the chimneys, doors and windows. HVAC experts are knowledgeable of the various types of insulation materials and the effectiveness of protecting your Chicago home.

2. Identify Areas Where Insulation is Being Used

Walls, basement and attic. In older homes identify areas where there are no insulation and insufficient insulation. Also, identify the doors, floors and windows where warm or cool air may be escaping from the home.

3. Use Weather Strips to Seal Doors and Windows

Weather strips help to keep the warm air inside during winter, as well as cool air inside during the summer. Heat that moves through the vent and duct system escapes when there are leakage and unsealed connections.

When it comes to protecting your home during cold and hot weather, insulation is important. Insulation and sealing seepage of doors and windows can save a consumer hundreds of dollars yearly on electricity usage.

A HVAC company is reliable and capable of inspecting, identifying, and sealing seepage areas of most home models.

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