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Get Rid of That Burning Smell from Your Furnace

Is The Burning Smell Something To Worry About?

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Those who have a furnace should definitely be worried if they get a burning smell coming from it. There’s no telling what the smell could be, so it’s necessary to go to the furnace, or check around the furnace to determine what’s causing the problem.

Although it’s not always something hazardous, if there is a burning smell coming from the furnace, it won’t be known if it’s a hazard or not unless it’s checked out thoroughly.

You can check out your Chicago home furnace as much as possible, and if you still can’t determine where the smell is coming from, then it’s best to call a professional.

Where Is The Smell Originating From?

There’re several possibilities to consider when there is a burning smell coming from a furnace.

1. There might be an object that is around the furnace, and because the furnace is so hot, it might actually be melting or burning the items around it.

It’s always best to keep a furnace completely free and clear of any debris around it. Be sure to keep the furnace clear of things like clothes, blankets, toys, or anything combustible.

2. Another possibility is that there is too much dust that has built up inside the unit, and since the unit hasn’t been clean, the dust is now burning off and putting out a terrible smell inside the home.

It’s possible to clean this dust before turning on the furnace, but this is something that should be done by a professional.

3. Also, make sure to change the filter in a furnace because this can be a fire hazard in itself. Many fear that they won’t have clean air if they have a dirty filter, but that’s not all they have to worry about. A dirty filter can actually cause a fire inside the furnace, especially if it’s extremely dirty and clogged with dust.

What To Do Next

The next thing that should be done once it’s determined what is causing the smell is to determine if it’s a hazard or not.

If it’s determined that there is a hazard causing the furnace to smell like it’s burning, then a professional should come and check out the unit. The unit should be cleaned and checked out thoroughly before it’s turned on again.

Is your furnace in smelling up your Chicago, IL home? Call TDH Mechanical, Inc. today at (773) 342-4338, and get that foul odor out of your home.


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