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3 Ways HVAC Maintenance Saves Money and Improves Your Health

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Are you getting regular HVAC maintenance for your home equipment?

HVAC maintenance is a must. Your air conditioning and heating units maybe be out of sight in the basement, on the roof, in the backyard or side of your house, or even tucked away in a utility closet but these units an essential part of your home helping to keep you warm in the Winter, Cool in the Summer, and ensure you’re breathing clean healthy air.

It is not an option to perform maintenance on these units any different than making sure you change the oil in your car. Neglect of the items you heavily rely on will definitely cause headaches and cost you money. Lacking proper and regular maintenance, you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing equipment, repairing neglected parts, and potentially getting sick due to dirty or moldy air ducts. In some cases, significant neglect results in replacing a unit well before it’s intended expiration date.

Here are 3 reasons you need to have your HVAC units and parts maintained on a regular basis:

Scheduled Maintenance is Proven to Save Energy and Reduce Utility Bills

When an HVAC maintenance is performed regular, your units will function properly and more efficiently use less energy. This results in lower utility bills saying you money all year A clean unit and it’s parts does not need to work as hard to produce the cold or warm air needed to create a comfortable home environment. If your A/C or furnace has ducts clear of debris, it will not need to run as often.

Regular Maintenance Results in Cleaner Airflow Reduces Allergies and Illness

If you fail to have HVAC maintenance performed regularly, your air conditioning unit or furnace will pass air through moldy and dusty ducts, these elements travel all throughout your house. Many illnesses are caused by neglecting this crucial cleaning chore. You will end up making costly trips to the doctor to treat allergies and other illnesses resulting in the loss of income by missing work or or falling behind in school if you have to stay home.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of air ducts throughout the year removes allergen buildup such as dust, mold, and other illness causing elements. When air does not travel through dirty ducts containing mold and other allergy inducing mites, you and your family will breath cleaner air. Clean air quality in your home helps you sleep more comfortably and wake without the overnight allergy attack.

Maintenance Extends Equipment Lifespan and Lowers Costly Repairs

When HVAC maintenance is performed and your units are inspected and cleaned regularly, you will discover the equipment lasting much longer and less need for avoidable repairs. You will also reduce costly emergency service calls at the most inconvenient times such as the hottest days of Summer or freezing cold Winters knowing your unit has been cleaned and adjusted over time.

Your financial savings is significant for routine service calls vs. needing to replace the units. A few hundred dollars in a single year is much better than spending thousands to replace a dirty and neglected unit. Taking advantage of the warranty coverage included on your installed unit means you will not need to pay for any unexpected repairs or troubleshooting problems.

Are you ready for your HVAC maintenace?

TDH Mechanical, Inc. offers an comprehensive inspection of your HVAC units for $75 which can save you thousands of dollars. To schedule your maintenance appointment in the Chicagoland and suburban areas, call us today at (773) 342-4338.


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