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4 Reasons to Replace Air Conditioning Filters

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Do your A/C filters need some love?

Filters are the secret weapon to collecting all the dust and dirt particles you do not want floating through your home. When your air system doesn’t work at its optimum level, you’ll notice the difference and probably suffer. A clean filter does far more than collect pesky particles; it keeps your HVAC system functioning well and prevents HVAC failure or costly repairs.

If you have pollen, dust or seasonal allergies you will appreciate your air conditioning unit, especially during the humid and hot days of Summer. All the air which passes through your HVAC system has to pass through the filter. If your filter is not clean and filled with built up dust, dirt or other contaminates, air that does pass through is not clean and this can cause problems.

Here are the 4 top reasons to replace or clean your Air Conditioning filters:

New or Clean Filter will Reduce Utility Expenses

When filters in an HVAC system are clogged, the fan has to work harder to push air through the filter and circulate the home. This increases the energy consumed by the unit and can increase your bills Your bills could increase by up to 15% with dirty or clogged filters, and if ignored could damage the system – an even bigger expense.

New Filters Boost Performance

Replacing a HVAC unit can cost a small fortune, therefore keeping things running efficiently will improve the system’s lifespan and reduces repair and replacement costs. Clogged filters blocking air from smoothly travelling through the system also runs the risk of overheating or freezing up the system. Your utility bills will continue to increase but you will notice the temperature will not change much within the property. Changing your filters will boost the performance of the unit and reduce the dust build in both the filter and the ducts.

Clean Filters Provide Wellness and Health Advantages

Since filters improve the air quality in their home including dust and pollen filters and special, those with allergies can opt for HEPA filters to help provide cleaner are, especially those with medical conditions or allergies. New filters ensure cleaner, healthier and fresher air flow reducing the circulating dust, mites, pollen and other small particles that can impact a person’s health. Clean filters also reduce the number of particles which can develop mold spores, another well known health hazard. This can result in significant health benefits for the young and the elderly in your property. If you suffer with asthma or severe allergies in the Summer, even the smallest particles in the air can trigger a reaction. Overworked HVAC systems with filters that have been replaced or cleaned reduce air flow throughout the home, so some rooms may not be getting the same level of air as others. This can leave bedrooms a breeding ground for allergens and mold spores.

Clean Filters Save Time and Reduce Frustration

Regular filter cleaning and replacement is faster and less expensive than having to replace your entire system if it overheats or freezes up. If your HVAC system is not regularly kept clean, it can break down causing you to have many hot days without refreshing cool air or comfortable heat. As the Summer days continue to heat up here in Illinois, every minute without clean circulating cool air can feel like weeks. Repairs to fix a broken HVAC system takes far longer than a quick routine cleaning or simply swapping out a new filter. This means you won’t have lost time from work or spend extra time and money troubleshooting the problem. Even if you clean or replace your filter(s) yourself, it can be done in minutes over a weekend.

Where is my A/C filter? How often should I clean or replace it?

Depending on the type of system you have depends on where your filter will be placed. Central air units may have filters placed in the return duct’s length, while other systems may have filters placed in walls, ceilings, furnaces or the air conditioning unit itself. Individual room air conditioning filters are mounted in the grill that faces towards the room.

Ideally filters should be cleaned (or replaced) every 3-6 months even if they are not used on a daily basis. Many systems use disposable filters and which can be found at most hardware stores. If you have pets, or there is a smoker in the home, your filter should replaced more often to be sure you’re keeping the clean air flowing. In heavy usage months (Peak Summer and Winter months), check and monitor your filter every month to determine if it is full of dust and dirt. It is easy to tell if your filter needs replacing as you will see it has become dark and dusty, or you can no longer see through it like when it was new. Filters aren’t completely transparent but there is some visibility so you can definitely tell the difference.

TDH Mechanical, Inc. is here to help!

Changing a filter is generally an easy and quick task, it may be in a hard to reach place. If you are unsure where your filter is or how to change it, give us a call, today! We’ll schedule a service call with you, get your filters changed, and give your system a once over to be sure things are working well.

TDH Mechanical, Inc. also offers an comprehensive inspection of your HVAC units for $75 which can save you thousands of dollars. To schedule your appointment in the Chicagoland and suburban areas, call us today at (773) 342-4338.


4 Reasons to Replace Air Conditioning Filters


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