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Indoor Air Quality (and How to Protect It)

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Indoor Air Quality

We spend an average of 90% of our lives indoors. Yes, that’s almost 90% of our days spent watching TV, laying on couches and most importantly, breathing indoor air. Although it may seem like your home is your safe haven, every indoor space is prone to dust, dirt, pet dander, mold and other particles which can worsen air quality and obstruct healthy breathing. Maintenance of air quality is essential because it ensures that the air you breathe is free of dirt and pathogens that cause illness, and also that it is at temperature and moisture levels suitable for everyday comfort. Whether you live in a city, suburb, or a rural area, it is important to monitor and actively take steps to protect the air quality in your home. Here are some common HVAC tools that might come in handy:

Exhaust fans

To encourage a healthy circulation of air, consider installing an exhaust fan. Exhaust fans remove stale, old air from inside your home and replace it with fresh outdoor air. Although many homeowners do not consider exhaust fans essential to their HVAC systems, they actually play an important role in improving air circulation, removing excess humidity, controlling odors and fumes, and much more. If you currently struggle with mold growth, or are just trying to improve your air quality overall, an exhaust fan just might do the trick. Your local HVAC technician will be happy to walk you through the different options available and help you select the best one.


If the air in your home has felt a bit dry lately, you most likely have an issue with humidity. Humidity is an important component of overall air quality, and it impacts a host of indoor conditions ranging from odors to the health of your wood floors. With the help of a whole house humidifier, you can restore a healthy moisture level to your spaces to:

  • Moisturize your lips and skin
  • Soothe your throat
  • Clean your sinuses
  • Stop the spread of the flu
  • Reduce snoring
  • Protect your furniture and floors

A whole house humidifier is more beneficial than you might assume at first glance. Between protecting your indoor furniture and creating optimal conditions for health and comfort, these cost-effective systems can be of immense value for homes struggling with dry indoor air.


When humidity levels start to climb and too much moisture is in the air, installation of a dehumidifier may be in order. A home with extreme humidity levels can attract insects, pathogens, and mold growth, all of which can lead to serious health issues down the line. By removing excess moisture from the air, you can create a better breathing environment and a healthier home. As with any HVAC component, you will want to make sure your dehumidifier is installed by a skilled professional with plenty of experience. Anything less is likely to result in maintenance issues, or the need to take out and reinstall the unit completely.

UV Air Sanitizers

Air cleanliness is important for the essential role it plays in reducing the spread of infectious disease. When airborne viruses and bacteria circulate freely through the air, they can become inhaled and infect unsuspecting occupants. UV air sanitizers are the professional choice for getting rid of those unhealthy particles for good.

How do they work? UV air sanitizers use an ultraviolet light to destroy and discard the airborne particles and toxins that can cause illness. As air passes through the sanitizer, it is filtered to eliminate harmful particles and debris. A UV air sanitizing system can remove an average of 99.9% of all airborne toxins and contaminants from your air, making your home healthier and safer for all inside.

Improving the air quality of your home is an investment you will not regret. Although it may not always be top of mind, air quality impacts our health and day-to-day lives in tremendous ways. Reach out to a nearby HVAC contractor for professional guidance on what systems will suit your needs best.


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Indoor Air Quality (and How to Protect It)

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